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Our proprietary signature comparison is a high-tech biometric identification able to authenticate or analyze your users.

S2P signature technology

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Research backed technology

World renowned universities such as "Rutgers University" and "Max-Planck Institute" have researched user-generated free form gestures in their strength as means to authenticate and found signatures to be highly secure and easy to remember.

Research based technology
Different uses

As a bank, POS system or eSign provider you need to be sure that you're reaching the right corresponding owner.

Documents, transaction confirmations or any other sensitive information needs the secure handling it deserves.

We've built a biometric signature recognition capable of authenticating you through your personal signature.

Fraud reporting

Be informed on fraud as it happens on your platform. Either as a bank or POS system. You'll be able to forecast fortnight chargebacks on the day of occurrence.

Start receiving forecasting reports allowing you to fully understand the fraud coming your way. In industries like online casino gaming, where the potential for fraud exists, staying vigilant is crucial. By leveraging forecasting reports, operators can proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent behaviors, safeguarding both their business interests and the integrity of the gaming experience. This proactive approach is especially vital for güvenilir casino siteleri hangileri, as it reinforces their commitment to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for players.

POS example

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POS Systems

Running our artificial intelligence platform to identify fraud as it happens can provide great insights in forecasting your risk exposure. Moreover, our AI technology plays a crucial role in analyzing trends and patterns within the cryptocurrency market, aiding in the detection of potential risks and ensuring secure transactions. Explore our platform to learn more about the various types of cryptocurrency wallets available, tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences.

To combat fraud you can inform your merchant on the fly if they need to double check the customers' identity.


Whenever you are communicating with your account holder, the topics are often sensitive.  

Be it to confirm fraudulent activity or to have them sign a document, being sure the account holder is the person that authenticates is important!

Document signing

We sign increasingly more  documents digitally, but always with little to no validation of the user signing.

Having an extra layer of authenticating while signing important documents increases trust and eliminates ambiguity.

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