Payments: Capture

This API allows you to capture your authorized payment. This API is valid for an Access Token with the preapproval scope using the authorization_id returned by a successful Authorization Request.

Note: This is a Client Authorized call.

Capture a Payment

Parameter Required Type Description
client_id yes String The client id issued to your Sign2Pay Client Application.
amount yes Integer The amount in cents you would like to authorize.
ref_id yes String (max 35 chars) Your unique id for your purchase.
token yes String The Access Token to attribute this payment to.
meta_data no Hash Optional data attached to a payment. This is not shown to a customer.

Request Headers & Body

Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-us

  "amount": 500,
  "client_id": "c509fd593742b6b08adf4f0b41a4801c",
  "ref_id": "387bd928942e062",
  "token": "d81ff0f3f961e7c387bd928942e062b59cb237c9d595ed9afcd9eca320356199",
  "meta_data": { "promo": "new_promo", "campaign": "wintersale" }


Response Body

  "purchase_id": "55fac531e6db99858e000000"

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