To get started with Sign2Pay, choose the integration type that best fits your needs. Using the credentials given to you in your Sign2Pay Merchant Admin, you can easily setup secure communication between your checkout page(s) and S2P.

The second requirement of integrating the full Sign2Pay payment solution includes providing us with a Postback URL. This Postback URL is hosted in your own environment and is used to listen for Payment Notification, perform updates to your backend, and provide a redirect URL or message for the user on completion of their purchase.

Risk Assessment

Sign2Pay provides you a frictionless method for your users to make a mobile payment using their IBAN and a signature. One of the reasons we guarantee these payments is because we have already built a consumer profile, and run our above industry standard Risk Assessment, before the Sign2Pay Payment Method is even presented to the user.


If the risk score from our Risk Assessment allows for it, the user can then opt to Sign2Pay. This entails adding their IBAN, and providing us a signature.

Payment Postback

Once this step has passed validation and the official SEPA mandate has been created on our side, we will send a signed POST to the Postback URL you provided during your Merchant Intake process to indicate the successful payment.

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The user is then redirected to the URL of your choice along with any parameters your site needs to finalize your process.

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Sign2Pay integrates into your checkout process by first setting a few variables and including the sign2pay.js script within your checkout flow. Our script handles all of the passing of data to our API via secure POST over https. Responses from the API are listened for by a hidden iframe that is generated by our script which deals with message and error handling, as well as updating the UI for the user.

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The Sign2Pay iOS SDK simplifies 3 tasks:

  • Authorise access and usage to the Sign2Pay API service
  • Perform the Sign2Pay risk assessment
  • Present the Sign2Pay overlay to kick off the payment process


We’re consistently looking for ways to make the integration of Sign2Pay easier for merchants. With this in mind, we’ve developed a few Payment Modules to connect Sign2Pay to your eCommerce platform via downloadable, integrated plugins.

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