Abandoned Shopping Cart Statistics. It’s Ugly.

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The Baymard Institute looked at 29 different studies from 2006 – 2014 that examined shopping cart abandonment and came up with an meta-average of 68.07%—meaning for every 100 shoppers who go through the motions of putting items in their cart, only 32% complete their transactions!

(See the data for yourself: http://baymard.com/lists/cart-abandonment-rate)

Over on the Shopify blog, using an older 2013 statistic for the UK of 67.45% (also from the Baymard Institute; the 2014 number is 67.91%), calculations show how just recovering 25% of the abandoned shopping carts would net the equivalent of 3 months of extra sales each year.

With data originally sourced from WorldPay, Shopify charted the chief reasons shoppers halted the check-out process; the reasons ranged from “Presented with unexpected costs” (56%) to “My payment was declined” (11%).


We can extrapolate that if all three payment-related barriers were removed—and Sign2Pay can easily solve all three - the potential increase in monthly sales would be quite significant.

Sign2Pay is essentially a mobile payment platform that helps customers make purchases by removing obstacles from the shopping check-out process.

 Do you know that integrating a payment option like Sign2Pay can really help you reduce shopping cart abandonment for your ecommerce business? Want to know how? 
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