"Start building trust
from day one"

Aim to meet your customers' expectations from the first minute.      Amaze with a smooth identity onboarding. No more id-card reader or paper flow hassle.

Fast & compliant identity authentication...

Do you want to get rid of paper documents? How will your customers sign their documents legally  without hassling them with card-readers?
Simply scan your id and sign your signature on a touch enabled device.

Our biometric signature is the core engine of the company.

However, our technology is built modular so we can work on customer specification. Other companies can use our signature technology to improve their relationship with the consumer. For example to sign documents digitally and leave all paperwork behind.

Our technology makes it possible to sign documents in a trustworthy, fast and secure way without the need of an eid-reader or physical paperwork. Our technology ensures that people who want to sign also can sign, without any friction. 

We can offer you the Sign2Pay technology with a strong balance between security and conversion. Ideal for many business cases where super-strict authentication is not required, and soft authentication suffices.

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