"Make your customer
part of the team"

Empower your loyalty cards with a whitelabel payment solution.

Enrich your loyalty cards with closed-loop payments and get control of the relationship between you and your customers.

Power your loyalty card with payments

We notice that retailers are vastly trying to improve the relationship with their customers. A massive competition in retail makes retailers realise that a customer relationship should not be taken for granted and needs continuous care. 

A smooth payment flow plays an important role here, as we're learning from Walmart Pay leading the way.

Our technology can be used to upgrade your loyalty cards to a private payment card completely whitelabel facilitated. It is YOUR relationship with the customer, which WE can empower! 
Payments are directly processed between the retailer and the customer without the involvement of other brands, bringing extra value to your brand image.

Benefits of a next level loyalty card:
- Decrease costs significantly for offline payments
- Strengthen your digital image
- Enrich your current loyalty card system to become more used
- Capture more data to understand the needs of your customers

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